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Outstanding advantages of light steel houses

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Light steel keel house is a new type of new building material. With the rapid development of social infrastructure, light steel keel houses are widely used in resorts, country houses, luxury prefabricated villas, and roof top construction. What are the characteristics of the light steel keel houses produced by Foshan De Suman?
1. The light steel house is very safe. The structural design strength standard is: the earthquake resistance is 9 degrees, the typhoon is 12, and the roof is 1.5 meters. This is because the light steel keel is lightweight and sturdy, is a high-quality building material, and has good ductility and toughness.
2, light steel houses are very comfortable: the materials used are heat-insulating and warm new materials, which are warm in winter and cool in summer, and also have good sound insulation properties. Some light steel houses also have the function of moisture-proof. Southerners know that there will be sweat on the wall in summer. Light steel houses use the unique moisture-proof treatment technology to avoid the above situation, so that the water inside the house is discharged smoothly and keep the house dry.
3. The production of light steel houses is highly industrialized and mechanized, and the degree of commercialization is high. The main materials needed for building a house are produced in the factory. The raw materials are processed by mechanical equipment, which has high efficiency, low cost and good quality. Most of these equipments introduce advanced foreign technology, and many large-scale new housing products have international quality.
4. 90% of the materials in light steel houses can be recycled and reused. Wood will become insects or become dead wood over time. Concrete will become construction waste due to repeated construction. However, the main materials of light steel houses, such as steel and environmental protection materials, can be recycled and reused. It is very environmentally friendly and economical.
5. The load-bearing structure of light steel houses has a large span, and the structure of the house can be laid freely. The variability of the design is large, convenient and flexible; the wall area is small, and more indoor area can be used.
6. The construction speed of light steel houses is very fast. The construction period of a 200m2 house is within 2 months. This is because the parts of the light steel house are all produced in the factory. After being transported to the site, they can be assembled directly by the workers. Therefore, the time is short, which can greatly reduce the time of on-site installation and reduce the project budget.
7. The service life of the main structure of light steel houses is 90 years, which is three times that of traditional houses. Our traditional houses have become dangerous buildings in 30 years, and light steel houses are very durable and very cost-effective.
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