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Color steel sandwich panel is flame-retardant equal to fire-retardant? NONO!!

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Fire is equal to flame retardant---NONO!
   In this new era of rapid development of information, people not only pursue high-quality, innovative technological products, but also require products that are safe to use. Color steel sandwich panel is a popular new building material in recent years. It has the characteristics of light weight, quick installation, and environmental protection. Its fire resistance is often misunderstood by customers! The following editor will explain one or two for everyone.
   Fire and flame retardant are two different concepts. Flame-retardant materials do not have a fire-retardant effect. Flame-retardant materials have flame retardants added to the material, which can be ignited by an open flame, but can self-extinguish when leaving the open flame. Flame retardant fabrics can slow down the burning rate of materials. For example, foam sandwich panels (polystyrene panels) and old foam sandwich panels. These sandwich panels are the core material itself, which is inflammable. Flame retardants are added in the manufacturing process to have flame retardant but not fireproof performance. .



  Object fire protection is to add a layer of material to the core material to protect the external structure through a certain method. It can be that the combustibles will not quickly heat up and be destroyed when exposed to open flames. Color steel sandwich panels with fire resistance include silica rock sandwich panels, glass magnesium sandwich panels, and rock wool sandwich panels. However, the characteristics of each core material are different, and the fire rating is also different.


  Therefore, the fire-resistant effect of color steel plates with different core materials is different, and flame-retardant is not the same as fire-retardant. Dear customers and friends, the most important thing is to choose the suitable color steel plate.

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