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Founded in 2013, Foshan Desuman Sandwich Panel Co., Ltd. has introduced domestic advanced sandwich panel equipment production line, focusing on the research and development and production of various thermal insulation and heat insulation sandwich panels such as rock wool, glass wool, EPS foam and polyurethane. After years of hard work, the company has successfully transformed and produced various types of buildings such as luxury prefabricated villas, construction sites, large-span steel structure workshops, various movable board houses, roof tops, purification workshops and cold storages. The company has always adhered to the "quality first, honest and trustworthy" business philosophy, adhere to the "always do the best" quality production model, with better products and perfect service to return customers and society. At the same time, according to the strategic development policy of China's construction industry, the company has established a set of management models that are in line with international standards, and firmly implements the international development strategy. Welcome friends from all over the world to join us and let thousands of families around the world live with high quality. China's quality of housing products.
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