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Sunshine container house gives you a different space experience!

Time of issue: : 2018-12-04
Sunshine container house gives you a different space experience In recent years, as the container can be used as a unit module or as a combination of multiple containers, some architects have been inspired to superimpose and combine applications with various space positions, forming a variety of unique buildings, which are widely used in Build creative hotels, apartments, street shops, cafes, offices, etc., so that the container house has changed the image of the traditional temporary housing for workers' dormitories on the construction site.   According to market demand, DeSuman Building Materials Technology is now launching Sunshine Container House products in an all-round way! The main feature of the design is that the whole surface of the box body is double-layer tempered glass floor-to-ceiling windows, a terrace and transparent sun tiles are set outside, the overall space is enlarged, and the external image gives people a sense of atmosphere, tranquility and comfort. In terms of materials, the floor-to-ceiling windows are made of double-layer aluminum alloy tempered glass, which has a high safety factor and good sound insulation. The roofing system is additionally constructed with resin tiles, which provides an extra layer of protection for heat insulation and increases the overall aesthetics. A large 2x6m terrace is extended from the outside, and the guardrail part is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the ground wood-plastic board and the light-transmitting shed, which greatly improves the outdoor service life. Single box construction, length 6m/12m two kinds, height 2.8m, width 3m, can be equipped with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, so that the sparrow is small and complete! Suitable for seaside resorts, tourist resorts, street shops, offices, temporary product exhibition halls, etc.   In addition, the container house itself has the characteristics of high strength, load-bearing capacity exceeding ordinary buildings, easy installation, reusable, good fire resistance and corrosion resistance.   Container housing is a fashionable and modern temporary building with characteristic creativity and green environmental protection. Its multi-modules are freely assembled to show the atmosphere of fashion. De Suman does not need your high cost, does not need too long construction time, to help you customize the perfect and comfortable private living space!   Welcome customers and friends to consult and understand!
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