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9P three-story sloping roof

Slope roof prefab house can use several times and recycling, economy and environment protecting
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Model No:DSM-P03


Decription:Slope roof prefab house can use several times and recycling, economy and environment protecting


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1.Dimension is nk+160(n=2,3,4…) , K is the prefab unit 1k=1820mm.

2.K house can be done as 1 floor, 2 floors or 3 floors building.

3.K house is commonly used with qualified water proof, fire proof, heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

4.K house use Reusable materials and is more environment friendly compared to traditional buildings. It can be assembled and disassembled many times.

5.K house is Anti worm and ant. All steel structures are well painted and anti-rust which can be normally used for over 15 years with very limited amount of building wastes.

6.K house only requires level concrete floor for the foundation.


1.Reassuring structure: The light steel and flexible structure system is safe and reliable, can fulfill the standard requirement of architectural construction design.

2.Easy dismounting: The house can be repeatable disassemble with simple tools. Each person can fix 20-30m2 a day. 6 people can finish a standard 3K*10K prefabricated house in 2 days.

3.Decorative appearance: The house is artistic, bright and clear.

4.Flexible layout: The door and window can be set up at any sides. Indoor partition can be set up at any transverse axis position

5.Waterproof: The material and rigorous design with waterproof.

6.Long service life: The light steel are all painted with anticorrosion lacquer.

7.Green: The material can be used repeatable and the cost is much lower than other comparable house.

Prefabricated house is widely using in different industry:

1.Temporary constuction houses.

2.Field work as the road,railway,building,etc...

3.City municipal.

4.Commercial and other temporary housing.Such as:temporary offices,conference rooms,headquarters,loading house and temporary store,temporary,schools,temporary hospital,temporary parking area,teporary exhibition gallery,temporary power distribution room,temporary maintenance,

5.And also used ad temporary housing of military logistic,temporary space of disaster relief,sterile laboratories,isolation rooms,transforming communications room,and temporary tourist and temporary travel district casual villa,vacation house etc...






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