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Luxury board room villa

Our Luxury Prefab House is waterproof, with solid structure, flexible design and good appearance
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Model No:DSM-P05


Description:Our Luxury Prefab House is waterproof, with solid structure, flexible design and good appearance


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Luxury board room villa:

1.Energy-Saving: Light steel Villa is easier to build, lower cost, significantly time-saving and labor saving comparing to the traditional civil buildings.

2.Customized design: Internal design can be customized as your own stylish apartment, with bedrooms, living room, kitchen and toilet inside.

3.Appearances: External decoration sheet & internal wall paper applicable for better appearances inside & outside the house.

4.Inside system: Ceramic tile, ceiling, sit down toilet, wash basin and shower are conventional arrangements.

5.Easy to build: The house is connected by bolt and screw. 6 labors one team, each day can install100 square meter.
6.Technical parameter: Good Performance for anti-seismic(against 8-degree earthquake), against 
wind(speed of 70m/s ), sound-proof, fire resistance, heat preservation.

7.Environmental friendly: 100% recyclable of the materials, all these advantages are conform to the consciousness of environmental protection. What’s more, the materials we use are all green materials,which are good for people’s health.

Product Parameters:

1.Dimension:Customizable dimensions up to clients specification

2.Structure:Steel Structure galvanized steel frame+sandwich panel

3.Roof:Asphalt tile,Cement tile,Clay tile,Color steel tile,Glass fiber tile and so on

4.Walls:50/75/100/125/150mm eps/pu/rock wool/glass wool/pu sandwich panel

5.Ceiling: plaster board ceiling, PVC ceiling, 50mm/75mm thick EPS/rock wool/PU 

6.Floor:Prefabricated Deck panels+ cement+ steel bar,light steel gauge frame +OSB board

7.Window:Aluminum sliding window, Shutter, PVC window, Double glazing plastic-steel

8.Door:Steel steel wooden doors;Aluminum door

9.Usage:Living house, home, dormitory, studio and so on


1.High strength and stiffness, high weight bearing

2.Water-proof , Fire-proof , Wind-proof, Earthquake-proof

3.Antisepsis and damp proofing 

4.Sound insulation and heat insulation 

5.Easy move Easy maintenance

6. Low cost & nice looking 

7.Economy and environment friendly





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