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Flat roof

Flat Roof Prefab House is fireproof, heat /cold-insulated non-shrinking and enlarging work size with little pollutions
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Description: Flat Roof Prefab House is fireproof, heat /cold-insulated non-shrinking and enlarging work size with little pollutions


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Flat roof house:


1.Flat roof prefab house is prefabricated and customized design.

2.Flat foor prefab house is easy construction,saving time and labor.

3.Flat roof house is fireproof,heat/cold-insulated non-shrinking and enlarging work size with little pollutions.

4.Flat roof prefab house can bear all kinds of weather.

5.Flat roof prefab house envirnmental and energy-conserving.

6.Flat roof prefab hosue is long service life.

The feature of our flat roof house:

1.Short construction time, all the artifacts are completed in the factory, the scene simply assembled, thus greatly shorten the construction period, a 5000 - square - meter building, basic installation only takes 35 days to complete;

2.The steel structure plant is widely used and has strong practicability, which can be applied to factories, warehouses, office buildings, gymnasiums, hangars and so on .It can be used to build multi-storey or high-rise buildings;

3.High strength of steel, light weight of structure and large span of workshop. Although the density of steel is larger than that of other building materials, its strength is very high. Under the same force condition, the steel structure is small and can be made into a large span structure;

4.The plastic toughness of the steel is good: the plastic of the steel is good, and the structure will not suddenly break due to accidental overload or partial overload. The toughness of steel makes the structure adaptable to dynamic load;

5.The material of steel is uniform and reliable: the internal structure of the steel is homogeneous and isotropic. The actual performance of steel structure is in good agreement with the theoretical calculation. Therefore, the reliability of the structure is high;

6.Steel is weldble. Due to the weldability of steel, the connection of steel structure is greatly simplified, and it ADAPTS to the construction of various complex shapes;

7.The production of steel structure and the production of high industrial steel structure is mainly carried out in the specialized metal structure factory, so the production is simple and the precision is high. The fabricated components are shipped to the site for installation. The assembly is high,the installation speed is fast, and the construction period is short;

8.Good sealing of steel structure: the internal structure of steel is very tight, and it is easy to be tight and not leaking when welding connections are adopted, even when rivets or bolts are connected.

About our service:

1.We can design the drawing according to your request.

2.The design software is CAD,TANGENT,3D3S.

3.Produce quality product with zero mistakes.

4.You can visit our factory at any time.

5.Depending on the size of the project and the requirement of the customer,the average production cycle is 15-40days.

6.Welcome to arrange personnel to carry our acceptance before product delivery.

7.Send our enfineers to guide the construction.

8.Series after-sale service.


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