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Three-layer steel structure factory

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Model No:DSM-S06


Descripstion:Steel frame structure consists of beams and columns from welded H-shapede steel, hot rolled H-shaped steel. In this frames, the beam and column system takes the gravity load such as dead and live loads...


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Main materials:

De Suman Steel Structure Factory Warehouse Advantages:

(1) The use of light roofing, light weight, steel province, can reduce the beam and column section and foundation size, reduce the cost;

(2) A rigid frame with a large span can change the profile of the web height, thickness and flange width. The web of the steel frame allows partial instability, and the strength of the buckling can be used to reduce the thickness of the web, so that the steel performance can be fully and reasonably utilized;

(3) The seismic performance is good. It is not necessary to consider the seismic design in areas where the seismic fortification intensity is 7 degrees or less.

Scope of application:

(1) Widely used, applicable to all kinds of factories, warehouses, stadiums, hangars, etc.;

(2) It is usually used for single-story industrial houses with a span of 9~36m and a column height of 4.5~12m.

(3) A sandwich can be added locally.

The complete steel structure warehouse and factory building are composed of systems with different functions, mainly including:

Structural system (including main structure, roof rafter, wall wall beam);

Enclosure systems (including roofing enclosures, wall panel enclosures, edging and floor slabs);

Door and window system (including doors and windows);

Ventilation system (including gas system, exhaust system);

Drainage system (including gutters, downpipes, awning systems).

First, the structure system:

1. Structural main material: The commonly used Chinese national standard construction steel is Q235 and Q345; according to the cross-section processing technology, it is divided into hot-rolled steel and welded steel; the surface anti-corrosion treatment of the components mainly includes spray paint or galvanizing, and larger welding. The components should be sprayed with paint, and the small components and cold-formed thin-walled steel members should be galvanized and rust-proof. According to local fire protection requirements, steel columns and truss beams should be painted with fire retardant coatings.

2. Roofing rafters and wall fascias: The roof girders and wall girders are cold-formed thin-walled steels, and their structural forms can be divided into C-type simply supported beam mode and Z-shaped continuous beam mode.

Second, the enclosure system:

The roof and wall envelope structure mainly adopts single-layer color-coated profiled steel plate (referred to as color steel plate) and sandwich panel. The profiled steel plate is compounded on site, the thermal insulation material is made of glass fiber insulation cotton; the roof lighting belt is made of PVC lighting plate.

Third, the door and window system:

1. Door: Commonly used doors are in the form of swing doors, sliding doors and rolling doors.

Fourth, ventilation system:

Workshops and warehouses with large construction area, and there are areas with high fire risk. Because the depth of the workshop is large and the smoke is difficult to rely on the opening of the external wall, it is necessary to consider setting up a mechanical smoke exhaust facility or setting a natural row in the middle of the plant. Smoke mouth.

(1) Skylight: Its main function includes ventilation, lighting equipment, and smoke extraction.

(2) Turbo respirator: achieves the function of ventilation and smoke extraction under the action of wind. Its light weight, durable stainless steel, for special support structure, it can resist typhoon, is widely used in factories, and does not leak.

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